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The development of the financial system tends to move to a liberalized system where the geographical border vanished as well as the limitation on the function of the financial institution. The product intersection and similiarity across the bank, insurance and securiy gives the signal of the integration process into one multi-function financial institution, which in turn create a universal bank; a bank that run both bank and non-bank function.This tendency requires a stronger cooperative coordination between the bank and the non-bank regulator, yet the explicit forms of the relationships are not defined well. This papaer highlights this issue by analyzing and contrasting the perception about the bank and the non-bank institution. The aim of this paper is to provide a insight for the regulators of how to coordinate and control this unifying functional process between the bank and the non-bank institution in Indonesia.Keywords : universal banking, financial coordination, IndonesiaJEL Classification : E52, G21, G22, G28

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