Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking


Latif Kharie

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The objective of the study is to analyze the dynamic causal relationship pattern and the characteristic among the primary monetary variables and output under a different exchange rate systems, i.e the floating and managed floating exchange rate system. The model formulated on this study is based on Taylor rule, state contingent rule, and some theories such as monetary transmission mechanism, exchange rate determination, and Keynes’s demand for money and its augmented models.The type of the study is explanatory research. Variables analyzed consists of real interest rates of Sertifikat Bank Indonesia, real money supply, real exchange rates of rupiah to American dollar, prices and real output. The data used was monthly time series. Sources of data are Bank Indonesia, Badan Pusat Statistik and International Monetary Fund reports, and analyzed for two different periods of observation. The vector error correction model is used as a quantitative model, focuses on the impulse response function analysis.The results of impulse response function indicate that: (i) the response of monetary policy to changes of real output and price under the floating exchange rate system is positive, and to changes of real exchange rate and price under the managed floating exchange system is also positive; (ii) the response of price to changes of real interest rate, real money supply, real exchange rate and real output under the floating exchange rate system are negative, negative, positive and negative respectively, whereas under the managed floating exchange rates system are negative, positive, negative and positive respectively; and (iii) the response of real output to change of real interest rate under the floating exchange rates system is positive but it is negative under the managed floating exchange rates system.Keywords: dynamic causal relation, primary monetary variables, output, floating rates system, managed floating exchange rates systemJEL Classification: C32, E52, O24