Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking

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Unlike the conventional interest-base bank, the Islamic banks use both equity financing with profit sharing and debt-like financing with mark-up, ad at the funding side they use both investment scheme with revenue sharing and deposit scheme with rewards. The conventional bank use debt financing with interest and at the funding side use the deposit scheme with interest as well. The optimality of the two banking systems will be tested to determine which one is more optimal in terms of the wealth of the bank shareholder, the welfare of the entrepreneur, and the welfare of the depositors.Using a multiperiod static optimization approach, the results shows that in the interest-based banking is more optimal in terms of the shareholder wealth and the depositor’s welfare, while the Islamic banking is more optimal in terms of the entrepreneur welfare.Keywords : sistem perbankan, bank syariah, bunga, bagi hasil, mudharabah, wadi'ahJEL Classification : G21, P51

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