Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking


Juda Agung

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Using Tobin’s q and Euler equations estimated by a novel technique of Blundell and Bond’s system MM, this paper investigate the role of financial factors (cash flow and leverage) in investment spending of Indonesian listed companies during 1993- 1997. Overall, the results suggest the existence of financial constraints and agency costs for Indonesian firms in raising external funds. However, agency costs vary across firms according to whether the firms are members of large business groups owning foreign exchange banks and their financial conditions (leverage and pay out ratio). These results provide indirect support to the existence of the credit channel of monetary policy which recently becomes a hot debate in the aftermath of the recent Asian financial crisis. A microeconomic aspects of both banks and firms. Specifically, the degree of financial frictions should be monitor using various indicators such as firms’ financial leverage, firms’ access to bank loans and bank’s willingness to lend.JEL Classification : E44, G31

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