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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 15th Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking (BMEB) International Conference and Call for Papers, 2-3 September 2021. As I recall from my speech at the 14th BMEB Conference in 2020, I am tremendously delighted to see the achievement of BMEB during the last few years. Moreover, since last year, the journal has been widely recognized as one of the most respected journals in Indonesia and the emerging market economies. Such recognition would surely not have been achieved without the BMEB’s role notably in providing outlets for outstanding research publications, and hence contributing to the ecosystem for competitive research both domestically and globally. I also recall mentioning last year that the COVID-19 pandemic calls for a reflection on the paths we have taken, to rethink our macroeconomy as we know it and put forward the practice of central banking in the New Normal. After over one and a half years of battling the pandemic, we have come to realize that this pandemic is unparalleled compared to other crises that we have experienced. The need for reflection has become ever more imminent as we look towards the horizon and ponder the recoveries needed in the face of this unprecedented, prolonged, and ironically, to some extent, recurrent pandemic.With that in mind, I am gratified to deliver my keynote address at this 15thBMEB International Conference.

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