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The satisfaction of farmers with the supply of rural public goods is an importantindicator of the effectiveness of rural public goods investment. Using cross-sectionaldata on 400 farmers in five counties of China’s Shaanxi province, this study adoptsordinal logit and probit models to investigate rural residents’ satisfaction and theinfluencing factors in the supply of public goods. The empirical results indicate thatthe income of farmers has a significantly negative impact on their satisfaction, farmerswho were consulted in the process of public goods supply have higher satisfactionlevels than farmers who were not, and farmers who profited from the supply of publicgoods are more satisfied than those who did not. Additionally, other factors have asignificant impact on the satisfaction of certain public products. For example, the olderthe respondents, the higher their satisfaction with medical hygiene service and highereducation levels among the respondents reduce their satisfaction with compulsoryeducation. Our empirical results provide a relevant reference for governmentdepartments in China.

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